Since the industrial revolution, the level of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere has increased from an average of 275 parts per million to nearly 390 parts per million today. This has caused rapid climate change and put people and ecosystems at grave risk.

This is where 350 comes in. Many climate scientists say human survival depends on keeping atmospheric CO2 below 350 ppm. Many put that number even lower – at 300 or 320 ppm. But they all agree that the carbon emission trend must be reversed and soon, not slowed over the course of decades as proposed at past international climate talks.


On December 12, 2009, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to address the climate crisis. If the people don’t demand meaningful climate action, this summit could end like previous global climate talks with weak action and vague promises.

October 24 is an international day of action to highlight 350 ppm as the bare minimum goal of Copenhagen.

Activists from several Northland environmental groups, as well as bicyclists, college students and farmers, are gearing up for fun and educational events around the Twin Ports and beyond. Keep posted for action plans, but don’t wait for us! Throw your own 350-themed action at your school, house of worship, neighborhood or wherever else you think you can make a splash. Just make sure the number 350 is visible on a banner, body art, or somewhere, and let us know.

Send your ideas, questions and action details to