by Bill McKibben

On Saturday the 24th of October, climbers on Mt. Everest will raise a huge “350” banner. The presdent of the Maldive Islands will don scuba gear and lead 350 of his countrymen in the largest underwater demonstration of all time. In Sydney, Australia, 10,000 people will form themselves into a giant 3; in London, others will shape themselves into a giant 5; and in Copenhagen cyclists will circle in a giant 0.

We’ll see hundreds upon hundreds of actions across the United States that day too, in all 50 states—churches will ring their bells 350 times, packs of 350 bikers will head off in every direction, and farmers will mow huge 350s into their fields.

All in all, it looks likely to be one of the most widespread days of political action in the planet’s history. All on behalf of a number — 350 — that nobody even knew was important two years ago.

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