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350: the most important number on earth

by Joel Kilgour for the Reader Weekly

In 2008, a team of climate scientists led by NASA’s James Hansen issued a groundbreaking report on climate change. They concluded that any amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere above 350 parts per million (PPM) is not compatible “with a planet upon which civilization developed, or to which life on Earth has adapted.”

This is shocking stuff, considering the level of CO2 in the atmosphere now stands at 389PPM … and rising fast. In other words, if we don’t reverse course on greenhouse gas emissions now, our very survival as a species is in question. But bringing CO2 levels down is going to take more than changing our light bulbs or biking to work. All of our individual actions are important, but we also need a concerted global effort to cap emissions.

Out of this harsh reality a movement has taken root. On October 24, millions of people in 161 countries will join in the largest ever internationally-coordinated day of climate action. “350” is the simple message they will bring to the streets, to places of worship, to mountaintops and even underwater. 350 will be a hard number to miss on October 24. And that’s good, because 350 is exactly the goal organizers want on world leaders’ minds heading up to December climate talks in Copenhagen .

Northlanders are adding their voices to the 350 movement. Students and faculty at the College of St Scholastica have organized an entire week of climate awareness events leading up to October 24, from 350-second walk-outs to planning meetings on how to make their campus more sustainable. The Earth Action club kicked off the week with a Green Midday Munch, served to hundreds of people and featuring local and organic food and information about the environmental costs of food production.

Students in Grand Rapids and Ashland are also organizing. Church people are preparing to walk or bike to worship over the weekend. Street theater and letter-writing parties are also in the works.

It will all cap off with a big bicycle/pedestrian rally in Duluth on October 24, featuring Mayor Don Ness and author Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer. The rally starts at 3pm on the harbor side of the DECC, and will be followed by a group ride through Canal Park led by Duluth Police Chief Gordon Ramsay and the Bike Cave Collective. There will also be a walking route, for those who prefer that carbon-free mode of transportation. The ride and walk will both end at Endion Beach for a group photo to send to the President and Copenhagen delegates.

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