Green Man

Green Man

Duluth artist Mary Plaster and her larger-than-life puppets will join us on October 24 to help spread the 350 message.  She still needs a few volunteers to carry the puppets in the parade… contact Mary here if you can help.


Polar Bear WaltzLike to waltz? Want to help spread the 350 message?

Well, put on those dancing shoes, find yourself a partner and meet up on Friday, October 23 at 4pm on the sidewalk in front of the Whole Foods Co-op in Duluth. From there, follow our band and the 350 banners for some toe-tapping street theater to raise awareness about the climate crisis. The bigger the spectacle, the better… so spread the word!

Contact: Jan at 218-722-7200.

Camp Amnicon, a 40-year center for retreat and outdoor adventure located 20 miles east of Superior, plans to mark the International Day of Climate Action with a group photo, letter-writing to government representatives and a climate talking circle. Guests are welcome to celebrate the day in silent exploration of Camp Amnicon’s scenic 700 acres. If you are interested in either the talking circle or enjoying a silent hike along the Amnicon River and Lake Superior,RSVP by Thursday, October 22nd via the camp’s phone at 715-364-2602.

by Bill McKibben

On Saturday the 24th of October, climbers on Mt. Everest will raise a huge “350” banner. The presdent of the Maldive Islands will don scuba gear and lead 350 of his countrymen in the largest underwater demonstration of all time. In Sydney, Australia, 10,000 people will form themselves into a giant 3; in London, others will shape themselves into a giant 5; and in Copenhagen cyclists will circle in a giant 0.

We’ll see hundreds upon hundreds of actions across the United States that day too, in all 50 states—churches will ring their bells 350 times, packs of 350 bikers will head off in every direction, and farmers will mow huge 350s into their fields.

All in all, it looks likely to be one of the most widespread days of political action in the planet’s history. All on behalf of a number — 350 — that nobody even knew was important two years ago.

read the rest in the Duluth Budgeteer

Get the 10/24 rally started early by organizing your school, church or neighborhood to ride there together! Just set a meeting time and place and spread the word. Make sure to start in plenty of time to get to the DECC by 3, and please keep it safe, legal and courteous. If you’re unsure about bike law, check it out here. In short, honor traffic lights and stop signs, use turn signals, and ride no more than two abreast.

Once you set a time, let us know so we can help advertise.

From CSS, UMD, UU Church:

Meet up at 2:30 on 19th Ave E and College St. For exact departure times from CSS, contact Josie at jjohns15{at}css{dot}edu; from UMD, contact Steve at wickx079{at}d{dot}umn{dot}edu.

From Endion neighborhood, Duluth –

Depart at 2:30 from the Bike Cave at 1712 Jefferson Street. Call Greg, Sadie or Alex at 218-724-2054 with ?s.

On October 24, join Duluth Mayor Don Ness, Duluth Police Chief Gordon Ramsay, author Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer and hundreds of other folks from around the Twin Ports to rally and ride for climate protection!

Gather with your bikes at 3pm on Harbor Drive behind the DECC. After a few speakers we’ll head out for a group ride through Canal Park. Help us make it splashy… wear a costume, bring an instrument or noisemaker.

No bike? No problem. Walking is a great carbon-free way to get around, and we’ll have a pedestrian route, too! Mary Plaster’s Gaia and Green Man puppets will lead the way. put out the call to action and St Scholastica answered! Earth Action and Campus Ministry are busy planning an impressive week of climate action. Events are open to the public. For more info contact Dylan at 218-591-4172.

Check it out:

Monday, October 19:

Green Midday Munch featuring local, organic and vegetarian food + info on how our food choices affect our planet’s health. $3.50, students can use Dining Dollars. 11:30-1pm in the Inter-cultural Center, Tower Hall.

Tuesday, October 20:

350-second student walkout beginning at 1:30. Meet-up on the steps of Tower Hall for a photo. Sustainability on Campus presentation by Dr Jane Wattrus at noon in the ICC.

Wednesday, October 21:

350 chocolate chip cookie give-away in the Union, all day. Donate a used t-shirt to the Art of Recycling class and get a cookie.

Thursday, October 22:

Student Pledges for Sustainability all day in the Union.

Friday, October 23:

Putt for the planet in the Union time TBA. Screening of Forest Justice in S2203, 12:50pm.

Saturday, October 24:

Group bike ride from CSS to the rally on Canal Park.

Planning something on your campus? Let us know:

Since the industrial revolution, the level of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere has increased from an average of 275 parts per million to nearly 390 parts per million today. This has caused rapid climate change and put people and ecosystems at grave risk.

This is where 350 comes in. Many climate scientists say human survival depends on keeping atmospheric CO2 below 350 ppm. Many put that number even lower – at 300 or 320 ppm. But they all agree that the carbon emission trend must be reversed and soon, not slowed over the course of decades as proposed at past international climate talks.


On December 12, 2009, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to address the climate crisis. If the people don’t demand meaningful climate action, this summit could end like previous global climate talks with weak action and vague promises.

October 24 is an international day of action to highlight 350 ppm as the bare minimum goal of Copenhagen.

Activists from several Northland environmental groups, as well as bicyclists, college students and farmers, are gearing up for fun and educational events around the Twin Ports and beyond. Keep posted for action plans, but don’t wait for us! Throw your own 350-themed action at your school, house of worship, neighborhood or wherever else you think you can make a splash. Just make sure the number 350 is visible on a banner, body art, or somewhere, and let us know.

Send your ideas, questions and action details to

October 24 Rally and Ride!

2:30 pm ---
Feeder routes depart CSS, UMD, UU Church, Bike Cave and other points around the Twin Ports

3:00 pm ---
Gather behind the DECC on Harbor Drive
Rally for climate protection featuring Mayor Don Ness and Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer

3:20 pm ---
Group bike ride through Canal Park led by Duluth police chief Gordon Ramsay and the Bike Cave Collective... or join the pedestrian march with the LaForge Bros brass band and Mary Plaster's beautiful Gaia and Green Man puppets!

4:00 pm ---
Climate teach-in at the Amazing Grace Bakery and Cafe. Learn more about the science of climate change, pending legislation, and Duluth's own efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Mark your calendars and spread the word!

Other 350 week events

October 19-23: Climate Awareness week at CSS, see post for details.

October 20: 350-second student walk-out. 1:30 pm.

October 23: Waltz-in for Climate Protection, meet at 4pm in front of the Co-op in Duluth

October 24: 350 letter-writing, climate talking circle at Camp Amnicon.

October 23-25: The Great Minnesota Walk-to-Worship weekend. Walk, bike, bus or carpool to worship and encourage people in your faith community to join you!

Contact us or call Joel at 218-340-4356